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1)South Korea doesn't pay the United States for U.S. troops that protect their country. (stated on March 23, 2011)

Trump’s statement on The View is incorrect. South Korea has signed an agreement to cover labor, logistical and construction costs running into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. That may or may not be a big enough payment, but Trump is wrong to suggest that South Korea bears no financial burden at all. We rate his statement False.

2)Says President Obama's "grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Kenya and she was there and witnessed the birth." (stated on April 7, 2011)

Trump is serving up re-heated leftovers that have long ago been debunked. Anyone who listens to the tape of the phone conversation with Sarah Obama can hear how tightly you need to edit this interview to present it as evidence of a presidential cover-up. We rule Trump's claim that Obama's grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Kenya False.

3)"Libya supplies the oil for China. We get no oil from Libya." (stated on April 4, 2011)

Trump said, "Libya supplies the oil for China. We get no oil from Libya." His point in the first sentence was clearly that Libya was a major supplier of oil for China. But the data do not support his claim. Libya is far from being China’s chief supplier. It ranks ninth.
The second part of his statement is false -- the U.S. does get oil from Libya and the percentage is likely to increase..

On the whole, we rate Trump’s statement False.

4)President Obama has spent over $2 million in legal fees defending lawsuits about his birth certificate. (stated on April 7, 2011)

When fact-checking, we think the onus is on the person making the claim to back up his statement. And the only backing we've seen in this case is that the Obama campaign's legal team spent more than $2 million on legal fees since the election ended. It's clear to us that the WND story has been twisted to wrongly assume that every dollar the Obama campaign spent on legal fees went to fight the release of Obama's birth certificate. The evidence shows that's simply not true. It's a huge, unsubstantiated leap to assume that all, or most, of that was related to lawsuits about Obama's citizenship. We rule Trump's claim False.

5)"ObamaCare enrollment lie: Obama counts an enrollee as a web user putting a plan in ‘their online shopping carts.’" (stated on April 18, 2014)

While some insurance companies accept online payments and give Obamacare enrollees the option to pay immediately, many do not. In the Virginia-Maryland market for example, most companies mail bills to the new customers who come through the government marketplaces. That means customers don’t even have the option of paying straight away.

Also, while customers may not have paid, most states require a grace period of 30 or 31 days where insurers are required to pay claims.

So maybe they don’t intend to pay and will eventually lose their coverage. But for now, they are treated as if they were enrolled. And they did a lot more than just load up an online shopping cart.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

6)The Islamic State "just built a hotel in Syria." (stated on June 16, 2015)

The Islamic State does occupy a luxury hotel, which they took over about a month and a half ago. However, it’s in Iraq, not Syria, and they didn’t build it. It’s an old hotel that the group refurbished and occupied. As far as we know, the hotel’s rooms are reserved for Islamic State commanders, and the event spaces are for weddings.

At least for now, Trump doesn’t have to worry about the Islamic State running him out of the hotel business. We rate his claim False.

7) "Our real unemployment is anywhere from 18 to 20 percent. Don't believe the 5.6. Don't believe it." (Stated on June 16, 2015)

Setting aside his paranoia about the federal government cooking the books, Trump is off-base even if you give him the maximum benefit of the doubt. The highest official government statistic for under-employment is 10.8 percent -- roughly half as high as Trump says. And if you make a quick and dirty attempt to expand the scope of this measurement to include other Americans left uncounted in the standard statistics, there’s no plausible way to get it past 16 percent -- and even that’s stretching it. That’s well below the range Trump cited, so we rate the claim False.

8)"Even our nuclear arsenal doesn't work. It came out recently they have equipment that is 30 years old. They don't know if it worked." (stated on June 16, 2015 )

There have been a number of high-profile lapses in the management of the country’s nuclear stockpile in recent years, but those problems have to do with personnel and training. They’re not an indication that the weapons themselves "don’t work" -- which, if it were true, would be a significant problem for the nation’s strategic military position in the world.

In reality, the United States has been spending $35 billion a year to upgrade its nuclear stockpile, and officials tasked with certifying the safety and reliability of the current arsenal have consistently given their seal of approval. We rate Trump’s claim False.

9)Public support for abortion "is actually going down a little bit," polls show. (stated on June 28, 2015 )

There was a significant dip in the number of people who identified as pro-choice in 2012, but that number has rebounded during the last three years, according to a Gallup survey. Other research shows the percentage of people who identify as pro-choice or pro-life split has stayed relatively stable for at least the past 20 years.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

10)Says his book, The Art of the Deal, is "the No. 1 selling business book of all time." (stated on July 1, 2015)

The highest estimate pins the number of sales at 1 million, which we weren’t able to verify. According to one source of sales data, The Art of the Deal sold 184,000 physical copies since 2001. There are no lists of all-time sales, but we weighed The Art of the Deal against other popular books in its genre. While the book was very successful, it comes nowhere near claiming the title of top seller. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People easily outpace it.

We rate the claim False.

11)"The $5 billion website for Obamacare … never worked. Still doesn't work." (stated on July 11, 2015)

Trump said "the $5 billion website for Obamacare … never worked. Still doesn't work." But experts say that, using the most reasonable definitions, Trump overstates the amount of money spent to create and fix, and his claim that the website isn’t working -- and never did -- is debunked by the fact that millions of Americans have signed up for insurance through the site, even if some more limited glitches remain. We rate the claim False.

12)Says Florida had five sanctuary cities while Jeb Bush was governor. (stated on July 11, 2015 )

There’s no legal definition of a sanctuary city, and therefore no official classification. A federal report from 2006, when Bush was governor, didn’t name any Florida cities. We found one list on the Internet that claimed five Florida locations as current sanctuary cities, but the supporting evidence was virtually nonexistent. City officials told us they weren’t sure why their cities were on the list.

For lack of evidence, we rate Trump’s statement False.

13)"If you're from Syria and you're a Christian, you cannot come into this country" as a refugee. (stated on July 11, 2015)

This is wrong on its face -- a small number of Syrian Christians been admitted as refugees over the past nine months -- and also false in spirit, since there is nothing in the United States’ laws or regulations that discriminates against Christian refugees. We rate the claim False.

14)Says John McCain "has done nothing to help the vets." (stated on July 19, 2015)

While many veterans’ groups have had their differences with McCain over the years over specific legislation and his general approach to veterans’ issues, that’s not the same as saying he’s done "nothing" for veterans. In fact, just within the past two years, McCain has sponsored and helped enact several major provisions to help veterans. He also devotes a significant portion of his office staff to offer veterans on casework.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

15) The five Guantanamo detainees swapped for Bowe Bergdahl "are right now back on the battlefield." (stated on July 21, 2015)

The Taliban Five are known to be in Qatar, where they have been since their release over a year ago. Qatar is considered neutral ground -- not a battlefield -- and they are not allowed to leave the country. At least one of the five has been in contact with suspected insurgents, but experts said there is not enough information available to know the extent of these communications. And even if they had communicated with insurgents from afar, that would not the same as literally going back to the battlefield.

Because there is no evidence to support Trump’s claim, we rate it False.

16)Under President Barack Obama, income levels and unemployment numbers "are worse now than just about ever" for African-Americans. (stated on August 2, 2015)

Some key statistics for African-Americans, such as unemployment, improved significantly during Obama’s tenure. The ones that stagnated or worsened under Obama are still relatively positive compared to recent history.

Trump is wrong by several important measures. We rate the claim False.

17)Illegal immigration "wasn’t a subject that was on anybody’s mind until I brought it up at my announcement." (stated on August 6, 2015 )

Trump said that if it weren’t for him, Wallace in particular and the media in general wouldn’t be talking about illegal immigration. The numbers tell a very different story. For Wallace and his Fox News show itself, the topic came up just as frequently before Trump announced as afterward. For mentions in major newspapers, the pattern is somewhat mixed, but mentions were common before Trump announced.

There’s no doubt Trump’s bombastic comments brought additional attention to the issue, but the issue was on the minds of the media -- and politicians -- before Trump entered the fray.

But Trump stated that the topic would not be on the table at all if not for him. That is clearly not the case.

We rate this claim False.

18)"Some of the things that (Megyn Kelly) said, I didn’t say." (stated on August 9, 2015)

Trump said that "he didn’t say" some of the things about women that Kelly talked about.

The record, however, shows the opposite is true. He has said exactly what Kelly mentioned in the debate.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

19)"We’re the most highly taxed nation in the world." (stated on August 24, 2015)

Trump said the United States is "the most highly taxed nation in the world." Depending on the measurement you use, the United States is either in the middle of the pack or on the lighter end of taxation when compared to other advanced industrialized nations. We rate his claim False.

20) "We have 93 million people out of work. They look for jobs, they give up, and all of a sudden, statistically, they're considered employed." (stated on August 28, 2015)

That figure, boosted by Trump’s description, represents a basic misunderstanding of the labor market.

Once you strip out full-time students, senior citizens, the disabled, and those who have chosen not to work to take care of their children, a more reasonable estimate of "out of work" Americans is somewhere in the neighborhood of 21 million, or less than a quarter of Trump’s figure. Meanwhile, he is flat wrong that the government reclassifies discouraged workers as "employed."

We rate his claim False.

21)Under the Iran deal: "If Israel attacks Iran … we’re supposed to be on Iran’s side." (stated on September 3, 2015)

The claim rests on an interpretation of a provision that the U.S. and other partners are prepared, "as appropriate," to cooperate with training to strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage.

But the White House has made it clear that its interpretation of the provision is that it is targeted at terrorists and saboteurs, not Israel or other U.S. allies. If you’re still in doubt, consider that nothing in the provision compels the U.S. to offer any assistance to Iran in the event of a threat to its nuclear program.

So we rate Trump’s statement False.

22)Says Mexico doesn't have birthright citizenship, and Americans are the "only ones" to have it. (stated on September 16, 2015)

Trump defended his pursuit of ending birthright citizenship by saying not even Mexico has it, adding the United States is alone on this right.

But that’s not true, no matter how many times Trump repeats this line.

Anyone born on Mexican soil is considered Mexican by nationality, regardless of whether their parents are Mexican. No one in Mexico, even if a person’s parents are Mexican, is considered a "citizen" by the country’s Constitution until he or she turns 18.

The United States and Mexico are joined by more than 30 countries around the world, predominantly in the Americas, that offer birthright citizenship.

We rate the claim False.

23)"The birther movement was started by Hillary Clinton in 2008. She was all in!" (stated on September 22, 2015)

It’s an interesting bit of history that the birther movement appears to have begun with Democrats supporting Clinton and opposing Obama. But Trump, and others who have made this claim, neglect to mention that there is no direct tie to Clinton or her 2008 campaign.

The story appears to have started with supporters of Clinton, an important distinction.

Trump goes on to completely distort the chain of events by claiming Clinton "was all in" on the birther movement. Most of the talk started after Clinton suspended her presidential campaign. And the only thing she officially has ever done is deny any accusation of starting a whisper campaign.

We rate this claim False.

24)Among Syrian refugees, "there aren't that many women, there aren't that many children." (stated on October 4, 2015)

It appears Trump is conflating two different sets of refugees: Those 534,000 reaching Europe by sea, who are mostly men, and the 4 million Syrians in U.N. refugee camps, most of whom are women and children.

Only about 10,000 refugees in the camps are slated for resettlement in the United States over the next year. Those making the perilous trip to Europe are not.

The priority refugees from this group would be torture survivors, people with serious medical conditions, unaccompanied children and teens, and women and children at risk. Those factors, coupled with background screenings, suggest they would likely not be ISIS operatives waiting to terrorize the United States.

Trump's assessment of the refugee situation is badly mangled. We rate his statement False.

25)"We have the highest tax rate anywhere in the world." (stated on October 14, 2015)

All sets of data we examined for individual and family taxes prove him wrong. Statutory income tax rates in the U.S. fall around the end of the upper quarter of nations.

More exhaustive measures - which compute overall tax burden per person and as a percentage of GDP - show the U.S. either is in the middle of the pack or on the lighter end of taxation compared with other advanced industrialized nations.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

26)Says CIA Director George Tenet told the Bush administration that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack "was coming. So they did have advanced notice." (stated on October 20, 2015 )

Trump claims that the CIA told the Bush administration that a domestic terror attack was coming. The report assembled over a span of three years after Sept. 11, 2001, found no specific alert. The potential for a domestic attack was discussed in early August, but it was mentioned only in broad terms and was not brought back up. Investigative reports in the years since found that the CIA warnings emphasized possible targets overseas.

Tenet told investigators that as late as Sept. 10 he did not talk about a domestic attack with the president.

There’s no support that Bush and top White House officials had, as Trump said, "advanced notice" of an attack on New York City or any other place in America.

We rate this claim False.

27)"Sixty-one percent of our bridges are in trouble." (stated on October 14, 2015)

The FHWA identifies 24 percent of the bridges as deficient. This doesn’t mean, to borrow a Trump phrase, that "our bridges are falling down." It means that the infrastructure is aging and many of the spans require high maintenance, while others are serving more traffic than anticipated when they were built.

We don’t mean to minimize the nation’s infrastructure problems, but Trump’s inflated figure is nowhere near the mark. We rate his statement False.

28)Says Ohio Gov. John Kasich "got lucky with a thing called fracking," which "is why Ohio is doing well." (stated on October 28, 2015)

Though Ohio underwent a fracking boom in recent years, Trump is overstating its impact on Ohio’s economy. By all estimates, fracking jobs account for 2 percent of those added in the state during Kasich’s tenure. Shale development has improved GDP by about 1 percent and contributed to less than a percent of the state’s tax revenue.

Not even the drillers themselves back Trump’s claim. We rate it False.

29)Says his plan would cut taxes without increasing the deficit. (stated on October 28, 2015)

Free market-oriented and liberal groups alike say Trump’s tax plan would lead to a $10 trillion revenue loss, even if it did create economic growth.

Since Trump has said he will not slash retirement programs like Social Security and Medicare, experts doubt that any spending cuts he made would result in a revenue-neutral tax plan.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

30)The 9/11 terrorists' friends, family, girlfriends in the United States "were sent back for the most part to Saudi Arabia. They knew what was going on. They went home, and they wanted to watch their boyfriends on television." (stated on December 15, 2015)

Trump provided no evidence. The 9/11 Commission investigation found that 13 of the 19 attackers were unmarried. Only two had wives, a third had a girlfriend, and none of those women were in the United States immediately before the attack. The commission further found evidence that the hijackers had cut ties with their families.

There is no substance behind the statement. We rate this claim False.

31)Canadian-born Ted Cruz "has had a double passport." (stated on January 5, 2016)

Trump didn’t provide and we didn’t find evidence that Cruz, who relinquished his dual citizenship in 2014, ever carried passports for the U.S. and Canada--nor, Cruz’s camp advises, did he ever apply for a Canada passport.

We rate the claim False.

32)Donald Trump repeats wrong claim that prisoners swapped for Bergdahl are 'back on the battlefield' (stated on January 10, 2016)

The Taliban Five are known to be in Qatar, where they have been since their release over a year ago. Qatar is considered neutral ground -- not a battlefield -- and they are not allowed to leave the country. At least one of the five has been in contact with suspected insurgents, but experts said there is not enough information available to know the extent of these communications. And even if they had communicated with insurgents from afar, that would not the same as literally going back to the battlefield and, as Trump said, "trying to kill everybody.".

Because there is no evidence to support Trump’s claim, we rate it False.

33)Among Syrian refugees and migrants coming into Europe, "there look like very few women. Very few children." (stated on January 14, 2016)

The data in no way supports that claim.

The majority of more than 4.6 million Syrian refugees entering Europe are women and children 17 and younger. Of migrants arriving by sea -- about 1 million people -- 31 percent are children and 19 percent are women.

We rate this statement False.

34)"When they say Mexico can't pay for the wall, I say of course they can. We have a trade deficit with Mexico that's unbelievably big. ... It's billions and billions of dollars -- far more than what we're talking about for the wall." (stated on January 20, 2016)

The trade deficit is about $50 billion. Estimates to build a wall vary widely, though the ones we saw were smaller than the trade deficit. It’s impossible to know a precise figure because Trump hasn’t offered a detailed plan.

However, Trump’s overall message here is misleading because he suggests that the size of the trade deficit is proof that Mexico could pay for the wall. In reality, the trade deficit has nothing to do with whether the Mexican government could afford to write the United States a check to build the wall.

We rate this statement False.

35)"I never once asked that (Megyn Kelly) be removed" as a debate moderator. (stated on January 28, 2016)

This statement greatly downplays Trump’s comments ahead of the debate, even if his absence really had more to do with a mocking Fox News release in the end.

Trump mused about skipping the debate because of Kelly for a couple days before that news release. He went so far as to say Kelly "should not be allowed" to moderate, that she "should recuse herself," and she "shouldn’t be in the debate."

We rate Trump’s claim False.

36)"Right now we’re the highest taxed country in the world." (stated on February 6, 2016)

We used a couple of different measurements suggested by experts to determine that no matter how you slice it, the United States is far from the most taxed nation in the world, whether it’s an advanced industrialized economy or not.

We rate his statement False.

37)On the Iraq war, "I said it loud and clear, 'You'll destabilize the Middle East.' " (stated on February 13, 2016)

Maybe Trump felt this way privately, but he made no publicly reported comments in the lead-up to the Iraq War that reflect this sentiment. He certainly did not say it "loud and clear."

We could only find one example of Trump commenting on the Iraq War before the invasion, and he seemed apprehensive but not vehemently opposed to the operation. He only started publicly denouncing the war after it started.

Because he far overstated how loudly he declared his position on the Iraq War, we’re cranking the rating on this statement up to False.

38)"If it weren’t for me … (illegal immigration) wouldn’t even be a big subject." (stated on February 25, 2016)

Trump’s talk about building a wall -- and making Mexico pay for it -- certainly has made headlines. But talk about America’s immigration system and proposed changes preceded the billionaire businessman’s candidacy for president.

We rate this claim False.

39)When Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate, "that was the end" of Romney’s chances to win.(stated on February 17, 2016)

Polls taken in the days after Ryan’s selection generally showed that Romney’s standing vs Obama was as good or better than in the days before the pick. We couldn’t find any evidence that the Ryan pick sunk the ticket.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

40)"We (Trump University) have an ‘A’ from the Better Business Bureau." (stated on February 28, 2016)

Literally speaking, that is inaccurate. The Better Business Bureau gives the program no rating today because it’s no longer a going concern.

Trump University had an A at some point. The Better Business Bureau doesn't release details of its past ratings, but it did say Trump's program had ratings that ranged from A+ to D-.

What we do know, from several published reports and archived Web pages, is that the university had a D in 2010 and under its new name, had ratings ranging from C to B, with no ratings after March 2014.

Trump’s claim is literally wrong and also ignores the university’s lower Better Business Bureau scores. We rate it False.

41) "The people that went to school with (Barack Obama), they never saw him, they don't know who he is." (stated on February 10, 2011)

We could get deeper into this but it seems like overkill. It's abundantly clear that there are lots and lots of former classmates who remember Obama at every level of school. It's true that Obama's two years at Columbia are relatively undocumented. And far fewer classmates have publicly shared recollections of Obama from that period, as opposed to other school years before and after. At Columbia, Obama was a transfer student, he lived off campus and by his and other accounts he buried himself in his studies and didn't socialize much. But even so, there are several students who recall Obama at Columbia.

In short, media accounts and biographies are filled with on-the-record, named classmates who remember Obama. Trump is certainly right that presidential candidates are heavily scrutinized. As even a basic online search confirms, Obama's school years were, too. Trump's claim that people who went to school with Obama "never saw him, they don't know who he is" is ridiculous. Or, to borrow Trump's phrase, it's crazy. We rule Trump's statement Pants on Fire.

42)"CNN did a poll recently where Obama and I are statistically tied." ( stated on April 27, 2011)

After Trump began broadcasting his views on Obama’s birth certificate in a series of nationally televised interviews, his head-to-head numbers against Obama worsened. His average for the four polls conducted in April produced an average Obama lead of more than 15 points.

So, Trump not only gave an incorrect attribution for the poll that showed him within the margin of error, but he also ignored or didn't know about more recent polls that suggest he would not do well in a head-to-head contest against Obama. We also think it’s misleading of Trump to characterize the poll as "recent." In another context, he might have an argument that it’s "recent," but in a dynamic, fast-changing primary contest, two months is the equivalent of a geological eon. The fact is, the most recent four polls show Trump losing to Obama by near-landslide proportions. We rate Trump’s claim Pants on Fire!

43)After the U.S.-led military alliance ejected Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait in 1991, the Kuwaitis "never paid us." (stated on April 27, 2011)

A final accounting published a decade later by the House Budget Committee’s Democratic staff found that the final reimbursements eventually crept up slightly, to $54.1 billion. Of that, $48.4 billion was in cash, and $5.7 billion was in kind.

So Trump was flat wrong that Kuwait "never paid us." When the books were closed on the war, the United States found itself out of pocket by about $7 billion -- less than half of the $16 billion shelled out by the Kuwaitis. We rate his claim Pants on Fire!

44)Says President Barack Obama’s recent New York fundraising trip "cost between $25 million and $50 million." (stated on October 13, 2014)

Trump provided no evidence, likely because all the available information points to a total that would be way, way lower than $25 million, let alone $50 million.

We rate the claim Pants on Fire.

45)"The last quarter, it was just announced, our gross domestic product … was below zero. Who ever heard of this? It's never below zero." (stated on June 16, 2015)

He messes up his economic terms; the gross domestic product was not "zero." And the growth in the gross domestic product has been below zero 42 times over 68 years. That’s a lot more than "never." We rate his claim Pants on Fire!

46) "When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Japan? It doesn’t exist, folks." (stated on June 16, 2015 )

Trump said Chevrolet cars in Tokyo don’t exist.

Literally, that’s not true. Chevy sells cars in Japan.

However, Chevy sales are more like a trickle compared to the flood of Japanese brands in the market. A journalist who covers the auto industry in Japan told us visitors would not likely see a Chevy during their stay in Japan.

47)"Hundreds of thousands of (illegal immigrants are) going to state and federal penitentiaries." (stated on July 1, 2015 )

In 2013, there were fewer than 100,000 noncitizens -- legal and undocumented -- in federal and state prisons. If you add in local jails, it’s quite possible but uncertain that the total number of incarcerated illegal immigrants is above 100,000, though it’s also possible that many of these individuals are held for immigration violations as opposed to other crimes. We just don’t have solid data on this point.

Without any good information to back it up, Trump’s claim falls flat. We rate it Mostly False.

48)"Four times, I said, he (John McCain) is a hero, but you know ... people choose selective pieces." (stated on July 19, 2015)

Trump literally said McCain is a hero five times, but never without caveats. Once, he added "perhaps, I believe" before conceding the point. Twice, he was interrupted. And the last two times, Trump said, "He is a war hero because he was captured." In other words, Trump also chose "selective pieces" and misquoted himself.

We rate his claim Mostly False.

49)Under Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin "projected a $1 billion (budget) surplus and it turns out to be a deficit of $2.2 billion." (stated on July 25, 2015)

There was in early 2014 a projection of a $1 billion surplus heading into the 2015-’17 budget period. Late in 2014, there was a projection of a $2.2 billion shortfall -- the difference between expected revenues and the amount of money being requested by state agencies. But the shortfall was never a deficit -- and some of the surplus was consciously spent by Republicans, as tax cuts.

For a statement that contains only an element of truth and ignores critical facts that would give a different impression, our rating is Mostly False.

50)"Jeb's policies in Florida helped lead to its almost total collapse." (stated on September 8, 2015)

Economists told us the Great Recession was precipitated by a housing bubble that grew out of multiple factors, including policies on all levels of government. While Bush’s actions as governor may not have done anything to prevent the financial crisis — some experts said he could have worked to throttle down the overbuilding — all agreed he did not cause the recession.

We rate Trump’s statement Mostly False. be continued

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Góp thêm với :

The Fact Checker has evaluated false statements President Trump has made repeatedly and analyzed how offten he reiterates them.. The claims included herre –which we're calling ""Bottomless Pinocchios"" – are limited to ones that he has repeated 20 times and were rated as Three or Four Pinochios by the Fact Checker.

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51)Says "the New York Times can write a story that they know is false" yet "they can't basically be sued." (stated on February 28, 2016)

United States libel laws for public figures are indeed tilted toward media outlets and against plaintiffs. However, contrary to what Trump said, plaintiffs can always sue if they wish. And they can certainly win in the scenario Trump cited -- if the New York Times knowingly published something false and defamatory. Indeed, the seminal Supreme Court decision on this subject explicitly says that media outlets are not protected from libel suits if they knew something was false but published it anyway. We rate the statement False.

52)Says Mahatma Gandhi once said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." (stated on February 28, 2016)

There's no evidence that Gandhi ever said any such thing.

The claim is False.

53)Common Core is "education through Washington D.C." (stated on March 10, 2016)

The education standards for English and math were unveiled in 2010 after state school officials, nonprofits, teachers, parents and experts settled on broad education goals. Washington was not a player in that game, although Obama has given states that have education standards a leg up when applying for grant money.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

54)"GDP was zero essentially for the last two quarters." (stated on March 10, 2016)

Economic growth in the last two quarters of 2015 was modest: 1 percent and 2 percent. But that’s not zero.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

55)Says the man who rushed the stage at him in Dayton, Ohio, "had chatter about ISIS, or with ISIS" in his social media posts. (stated on March 13, 2016)

Trump said Thomas DiMassimo, the man who rushed at him in Dayton, Ohio, "had chatter about ISIS, or with ISIS" in his social media posts.

There is lots to offend people on DiMassimo’s social media posts. But there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate connection between DiMassimo and ISIS. The link Trump tweeted was a hoax or an effort to troll DiMassimo. It’s also unlikely that someone who really had ISIS ties and who had been arrested for threatening a presidential candidate on live television would be quickly released from custody pending trial. The police report of his arrest makes no mention of ISIS or Islamic terrorism.

We rate the claim False.

56)Under the Iran nuclear deal, "we give them $150 billion, we get nothing." (stated on March 15, 2016)

Trump is referring to the amount of previously frozen Iranian assets the deal releases. To be clear, this is money that already belongs to Iran so we’re not "giving" them anything. The $150 billion is a high estimate, and most experts say the real figure is closer to $100 billion, while Iran is probably only able to access a fraction of that.

In exchange for lifting the sanctions, the United States and its allies get to block Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon in the near future. One can argue whether we got enough, but we didn’t get "nothing."

We rate Trump’s claim False.

57)The Trump Winery near Charlottesville, Va. is the "largest winery on the East Coast."(stated on March 8, 2016 )

Trump said that Trump Winery is the "largest winery on the East Coast." It’s not, regardless of whether you measure it by acreage of vines or the production of wine.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

58)"When those restrictions expire (in the Iran nuclear deal), Iran will have an industrial-size military nuclear capability ready to go." (stated on March 21, 2016)

Key restrictions in the deal never expire, including the pledge to not conduct activities that would contribute to the design and development of a nuclear explosive.

And even if Iran were to go all-out for a nuclear program once the 15-year limit on uranium enrichment goes away, it would take months, if not years, for the country to develop a bomb and delivery system so its military could go to war with nuclear weaponry.

We rate the claim as False.

59)Wisconsin’s "effective" unemployment rate is 20 percent. (stated on March 29, 2016)

Wisconsin’s latest official unemployment rate -- the one reported most often in the news -- was 4.6 percent in February 2016. It was also 4.6 percent for all of 2015.

The government’s most expansive unemployment rate -- which includes the unemployed, people in the labor force who aren’t looking for work and people who are working part time but want to work full time -- for Wisconsin was 8.3 percent for 2015.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

60)Says Ted Cruz distributed the ad showing a nude Melania Trump on a rug.(stated on March 29, 2016)

Trump said Cruz was responsible for the racy ad questioning whether people wanted Melania Trump to be first lady.

One of the tenets of PolitiFact is that the person making the claim is responsible for substantiating it.

Trump said on CNN that he has no real proof.

And all the evidence we found points to the ad being the work of a political action committee whose goal has been to block Trump's nomination. There’s no proof of Cruz working with that committee, which would be illegal.

We rate Trump's claim as False.

61)"My numbers are better right now than Ronald Reagan's numbers were with Jimmy Carter." (stated on April 11, 2016)

Trump said, "My numbers are better right now than Ronald Reagan's numbers were with Jimmy Carter. ... Ronald Reagan had a 30 (percent) favorability and he was behind Jimmy Carter by so much everybody said, 'Oh this is going to be a disaster.' "

We found that Trump’s deficit against Clinton during March and April 2016 was twice the size of Reagan’s deficit against Carter in March and April 1980. We also found that Trump’s favorable/unfavorable ratings are much worse than Reagan’s were during that same period. We rate his claim False.

62)Says Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio "had it set so that the winner takes everything, because they wanted to make sure that I didn't get anything" in the Florida primary. (stated on April 12, 2016)

Trump says that Bush and Rubio "had it set so that the winner takes everything, because they wanted to make sure that I didn't get anything" in the Florida primary.

It wasn’t Bush or Rubio who set those rules for the March 15, 2016, primary. It was the Florida Legislature that passed the bill setting the date, allowing the state GOP to decide whether to make it winner-take-all.

By that point, Trump was a potential candidate, but he wasn’t seen as a major threat to Rubio or Bush -- especially in Florida -- at that point.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

63) The Colorado caucus system for selecting Republican delegates is "rigged." (stated on April 11, 2016 )

There are plenty of problems with Colorado’s caucus system. The delegate selection process is dominated by party activists and insiders, and this year’s caucuses were hampered -- at best -- by confusion and technical glitches.

But Trump is complaining about rules that were in place eight months ago, when the Republican presidential race was clogged with 17 candidates. There is no evidence the rules were designed to favor a specific candidate.

His campaign took a pass on the Colorado caucuses, focusing instead on the delegate-rich New York primary, while Cruz ran an exhaustive ground game in the Centennial State.

We rate his claim False.

64)Says professional football coach Rex Ryan "won championships in New York. The AFC, I think, twice." (stated on April 18, 2016)

Ryan’s teams lost in the AFC championship game both in 2009-10 (Indianapolis Colts 30, Jets 17) and in 2010-11 (Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Jets 19).

Just to round this out, Ryan hasn’t won a division championship in New York, nor did he ever play on a New York team that won a championship.

This claim rates False.

65)"I was totally against the war in Iraq, saying for many years that it would destabilize the Middle East." (stated on April 27, 2016)

The record shows at best some early reservations about the war that evolved into opposition about a year after the war began. However, we find no evidence of Trump warning about regional destabilization before or after the war started.

We rate this statement False.

66)"ISIS is making millions of dollars a week selling Libyan oil." (stated on April 27, 2016)

Experts and news reports say ISIS has attacked Libya’s oil fields in recent months, amid the country’s instability. But they roundly reject Trump’s claim that ISIS jihadists based in that country have been able to seize, refine and sell the oil for "millions of dollars a week." Instead, they say, the terrorist group is focused on disrupting oil markets and preventing rivals from getting the oil in Libya.

We rate the claim False.

67)"In the history of Republican primaries, I’ve gotten the most votes in the history of the Republican party." (stated on April 29, 2016)

Donald Trump said he’s already earned the most Republican primary votes in history.

Experts who track this say Trump is on pace to break the record, but is still shy by about 800,000 votes. They predicted a strong victory in California --- more than a month from now -- could hand Trump the milestone.

We rate Trump’s claim False … for now.

68)"You have to be a citizen to vote," but with same-day voter registration, "you have places where people just walk in and vote." (stated on May 8, 2016)

In states with same-day voter registration, people don’t just walk in and vote. They have to provide the same level of identification as when registering in advance. Experts told us there is no additional risk of noncitizens casting ballots in states with same-day voter registration, nor is there any evidence that this occurs.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

69)Says Hillary Clinton "wants to abolish the Second Amendment." (stated on May 7, 2016)

We found no evidence of Clinton ever saying verbatim or suggesting explicitly that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment, and the bulk of Clinton’s comments suggest the opposite. She has repeatedly said she wants to protect the right to bear arms while enacting measures to prevent gun violence.

Gun advocates say Trump’s claim is backed up by Clinton’s openness to a gun buyback program and her disagreement with a Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment. But whether or not these two cherry-picked comments actually reveal Clinton’s intentions is a matter of interpretation.

For this claim to hold water, the support for Second Amendment abolition needs to be more direct. So we rate it False.

70)"There are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world. You go to places like Oakland. Or Ferguson. The crime numbers are worse. Seriously." (stated on May 18, 2016 )

Four American cities — though not Oakland or Ferguson — have some of the highest murder rates in the world. However, experts told us homicide rates alone are not enough to gauge whether a city is dangerous or not.

In considering other security threats like war, terrorism, kidnappings, and other violence as well as the ability to mitigate risks, U.S. cities are nowhere near the most dangerous in the world.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

71)We’ve broken "by millions" the all-time record for votes in a GOP presidential primary election. (stated on June 1, 2016)

With victories on June 7th, including in California, he may well smash the record. But he’s not there yet.

We rate Trump’s claim False again … for now.

72)There is "no system to vet" refugees from the Middle East. (stated on June 13, 2016)

While there are concerns about information gaps, a system does exist and has existed since 1980. It involves multiple federal intelligence and security agencies as well as the United Nations. Refugee vetting typically takes one to two years and includes numerous rounds of security checks.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

73)Even among "second and third generation" Muslims in the United States, "there's no real assimilation." (stated on June 15, 2016)

The data and the experts agree that Trump is wrong. Substantial evidence confirms that Muslim Americans want to have an American identity and think that doing so is achievable. In fact, their preferences for self-identification mirror those of Christian Americans.

The data show that American Muslims want to be both American and Muslim. That’s different than the widely recognized "melting pot" model where immigrants of generations past blended in fully in their new country based on a shared religion and culture. But the reality is that for most Muslim Americans, religion and race would have made it impossible for them to follow that course in the first place.

We rate Trump’s statement False.

74)"I was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war (in Iraq), and yes, even before the war ever started." (stated on June 22, 2016 in a speech )

The record just doesn’t support this.

We could only find one example of Trump commenting on the Iraq War before the invasion where he seemed apprehensive but not vehemently opposed to the operation. In another interview, Trump said he supported the invasion.

This claim rates False.

75)"Because of Obamacare, you have so many part-time jobs." (stated on June 18, 2016 )

While some research suggests a small uptick in the number of part-time jobs as a result of the Affordable Care Act, Trump’s claim goes too far.

Neither the data nor the experts (on the right and left) say Trump’s claim is accurate.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

76)The Benghazi victims were "left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed." (stated on June 22, 2016)

Clinton was not literally sleeping when the Benghazi attacks unfolded, as it was mid afternoon on a Tuesday in Washington. She worked late into the night, as is evidenced by an 11 p.m. email.

If we take Trump’s claim more broadly, that Clinton was inattentive throughout the hours in which the attacks occurred, none of the many congressional investigations into Benghazi have made that assertion.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

77) Says Hillary Clinton’s immigration platform would "create totally open borders." (stated on June 22, 2016 )

This is a huge distortion of Clinton’s proposals.

Clinton has praised work already done to secure the border, and she said she supported a 2013 bill that would have invested billions more in border security while creating a path to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants. Her plan calls for protecting the border and targeting deportation to criminals and security threats. Her plan would make it easier for many undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation, but that’s not the same as ending all enforcement.

We rate this claim False.

78)Says Hillary Clinton "filibustered legislation to reform" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.(stated on June 21, 2016)

In an attempt to assign responsibility for the financial crisis to Clinton, Trump’s campaign accused her of filibustering legislation that would have changed how two government-backed mortgage giants were regulated.

Republican leadership chose not to bring the bill before the whole Senate after it passed out of committee. It is possible that they thought Democratic senators would filibuster, but based on the evidence available, we found no evidence that Clinton herself took any action in relation to the bill.

We rate this claim False.

79)"As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton laundered money to Bill Clinton through Laureate Education, while Bill Clinton was an honorary chairman of the group." (stated on June 21, 2016)

Actually, the State Department under Clinton never made any direct transfers to Laureate Education. Trump’s source conflates Laureate with a separate charitable organization that received funds from a separate government agency. The International Youth Foundation is a respected nonprofit that has received money from the government since the Bush years, before Clinton joined the State Department.

We rate this claim False.

80)"Just look at what the FBI director said about her (Hillary Clinton) — her misconduct is a disgrace and embarrassment to our country." (stated on July 11, 2016)

The Trump campaign indicated Comey said it during his news conference. He didn't. He said her actions were careless, but he didn’t call them a disgrace or an embarrassment or the equivalent.

It's possible that Trump was trying to convey two different thoughts, urging people to look up the FBI director's comments and the "disgrace and embarrassment" comment was supposed to be his own characterization.

But that's not how it comes across, both when spoken and in the transcript.

With that in mind, we rate it False.

81)Says as GOP was picking a convention city, "I recommended Ohio." (stated on July 18, 2016)

The Trump campaign hasn’t published any evidence of an early recommendation, nor could we find any in a Nexis search. Plus, a member of the site selection committee has no recollection of Trump having voiced a preference.

The selection of Cleveland was conducted by the party in 2014, when it wasn’t known who would ultimately win the nomination. We rate Trump’s statement False.

82)"Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her stupid policies. She is responsible for ISIS." (stated on July 17, 2016)

There were several factors that contributed to the growing power of ISIS, but it’s misleading to pin the responsibility solely on Clinton. For starters, the roots of ISIS trace back to 2004, when Bush was president and before Clinton was Obama’s secretary of state.

She did vote to authorize force in Iraq in 2002 while a senator, but that was advocated by the Bush administration and the vast majority of senators. The intervention in Libya, which she supported, did give ISIS an opening, but Trump is overstating her role by saying she is responsible for ISIS.

This claim is inaccurate. We rate it False.

83)"An analysis showed that Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if it were not for the Super Delegates." (stated on July 24, 2016)

This does not check out. Sanders would have still lost without superdelegates in the mix, because Clinton won a majority of the popular vote and pledged delegates.

On the contrary, the only way for Sanders to have won is he would have been able to persuade more superdelegates to switch their votes from Clinton to him.

We rate Trump’s claim False.

84)"Youth unemployment is through the roof." (stated on July 27, 2016)

Individual young people he speaks to may be worried about unemployment, but Trump is wrong to say that youth unemployment is exceptionally high. It is, at worst, average, in historical and international terms. We reached out to the Trump campaign, but they did not respond.

This does not mean the job market works well for every young person, or that every statistical measure of the job market is positive. But his statement, in regards to unemployment, is still False.

85)Says he saw videotape "of the people taking the money off the plane" to pay ransom to Iran for hostages. (stated on August 3, 2016)

Trump said he had seen videotape "of the people taking the money off the plane" to pay ransom to Iran for hostages. He and his campaign now acknowledge that they were referring to a different video -- of the hostages themselves being freed -- that did not include any transfer of money from a plane. We rate the claim False.

86)"The Obama-Clinton war on coal has cost Michigan over 50,000 jobs." (stated on August 8, 2016)

While the number matches one projection of how many potential jobs could be lost from the blockage of coal-fired plants, there’s a difference between actual jobs lost and potential future jobs lost. And the number cited -- an impossible-to-confirm projection based on broadly construed calculations released by a pro-coal group -- should be taken with a big grain of salt.

Trump also ignores that market forces, not just environmental regulations, have driven many of the job losses in the coal sector, and he also ignores that Michigan Republican officials and utilities themselves -- not just the Obama administration -- have pushed the switch away from coal. We rate the claim False.

87)"I had previously said that NATO was obsolete because it failed to deal adequately with terrorism. Since my comments, they have changed their policy and now have a new division focused on terror threats." (stated on August 15, 2016)

The change he’s apparently referring to -- the creation of a new senior post and division for coordinating intelligence sharing -- is just the most recent incremental change in how the alliance handles counter-terrorism, a topic it has addressed, in big ways and small, for more than 30 years. There is no evidence that the change was made in response to Trump’s complaints about the alliance. Experts said such changes typically require a longer gestation period so that all member nations can get on board. We rate Trump’s statement False.

88)Says Hillary Clinton is "proposing to print instant work permits for millions of illegal immigrants to come in and take everybody's jobs, including low-income African-Americans." (stated on August 16, 2016)

Clinton would "staple" green cards to the diplomas of foreign students in the United States who complete master’s or doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering or math, extending their stay so that they could work in the U.S., particularly in high-tech jobs, after graduation rather than returning home.

The green cards would be available to students who are already legally in the United States. And given their level of education and expertise, they would not be taking jobs of low-income Americans. Nor is the program aimed at millions of students.

We rate the statement False.

89)Says Hillary Clinton "wants to raise taxes on African-American owned businesses to as much as nearly 50 percent more than they're paying now." (stated on August 25, 2016 )

Putting aside the irrelevance of the comment about African-Americans, the campaign never specified exactly how Clinton’s tax plan would do that to anyone. Clinton has proposed some tax increases on higher earners, but barring an extremely unusual case, nothing she has proposed approaches boosting taxes by almost 50 percent.

We rate the statement False.

90)As governor, Tim Kaine "oversaw a huge increase in illegal immigration, a tremendous increase." (stated on August 20, 2016)

But figures from the Pew Hispanic Center show that the size of the illegal immigrant population essentially was flat during Kaine’s term as governor. It’s certainly not the "huge" and "tremendous" increase that Trump makes it out to be.

We rate his claim False.

91)"The Mexican government forces many bad people into our country." (stated on July 8, 2015)

Setting aside the question of whether Mexicans who have come to the United States are "bad" or not, there is no evidence of any Mexican policy that pushes people out of Mexico and into the United States. As has been the case for decades, a combination of economic and family factors accounts for most of the migration from Mexico to the United States. We rate the claim Pants on Fire.

92)The number of illegal immigrants in the United States is "30 million, it could be 34 million." (stated on July 24, 2015)

The Department of Homeland Security says the number of illegal immigrants was about 11.4 million as of January 2012. Other independent groups that research illegal immigration put the number between 11 and 12 million. We found no compelling evidence that the number could as high as Trump said.

Trump has provided no proof that the number of illegal immigrants is triple the widespread consensus. We rate this claim Pants on Fire.

93)The unemployment rate may be as high as "42 percent." (stated on September 28, 2015)

Trump keeps repeating that the unemployment rate may be as high as 42 percent. But getting a percentage that high requires believing that being a high school, college or graduate student, a senior citizen, a stay-at-home parent, a job-training participant, or having a disability is no excuse for not holding down a job, or for working less than 40 hours in a week. The highest alternative unemployment-rate measure we could come up with that had any credibility was 16.4 percent, and even that exaggerated figure is only about one-third of the way to Trump’s 42 percent. We rate his claim Pants on Fire.

94)Says Bernie Sanders is going to "tax you people at 90 percent." (stated on October 14, 2015 )

Sanders hasn’t released an official tax plan, either for billionaires or for anyone else. But based on his previous comments and proposals, the tax policies Sanders is advocating are targeted at corporations and affluent Americans.

Sanders has dismissed the notion that he wants to set marginal tax rates for billionaires at 90 percent. But even if he did end up doing that, that rate wouldn’t affect "you people" — that is, the rank and file Americans who attended Trump’s rally.

We rate Trump’s claim Pants on Fire.

95)"I never said that" Marco Rubio was Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator. (stated on October 28, 2015)

In the debate, Trump said he "never said that" Marco Rubio was Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator. But he may want to check his own website, which says exactly that. Pants on Fire!

96)The CNBC debate was supposed to be three hours, and he "renegotiated it down to two hours." (stated on October 28, 2015)

Trump played a role -- but not the sole role -- in negotiating the debate program down to two hours, but the plans were for it to last around two hours and 15 minutes -- not three hours or more.

We rate Trump’s statement Mostly False.

97) On the VA: "Over 300,000 veterans have died waiting for care." (stated on October 31, 2015)

Trump offered the most dire possible interpretation of a scathing report on VA record-keeping and went well beyond what the inspector general was able to conclude.

The report found that 307,173 dead people were listed last year on a VA database as having pending status with the agency. But shabby records make a detailed dissection of that number impossible. Investigators said that some of those people were not veterans; not all of them were seeking health care or necessarily any VA service; and some of them died before 1998, when the database began.

No doubt, the VA is ripe for criticism. But Trump’s statement takes liberty with the facts, and we rate it Mostly False.

98) "We’re losing now over $500 billion a year in terms of imbalance with China." (stated on November 10, 2015)

Last month, Trump said almost $400 billion during a speech in Iowa. He should have stuck to that figure.

The 2014 trade deficit totaled $343 billion, and it’s expected to be larger in 2015 but not more than $500 billion.

Trump’s claim rates Mostly False.

99)Says 25 percent of U.S. Muslims "agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad." (stated on December 7, 2015)

Trump is referring to a poll conducted by the Center for Security Policy. However, polling experts raise numerous questions about the validity of the poll’s results, including its "opt-in" methodology and the dubiously large percentages of respondents who said they were unaware of ISIS or al-Qaida. Moreover, an official with the Center for Security Policy cautioned against generalizing the poll results to the entire Muslim-American community.

Another survey, which experts consider credible, found levels about half as high as what the Center for Security Policy poll found.

We rate Trump’s claim Mostly False.

100) In 2000, "I wrote about Osama bin Laden, ‘We’ve got to take him out.’" (stated on December 2, 2015)

Trump’s book did not contain those words or their clear likeness. Bin Laden’s name appears once in the book, when the author was criticizing the Clinton administration for having an unfocused national security policy. He complained that the U.S. kept shifting its military focus between Iraq, bin Laden’s organization and Kosovo without strong results.

The book says that if bin Laden was "public enemy number one" in 1998, then the U.S. should have spent more than one day that year on a retaliatory bombing mission against his camps that bin Laden escaped. But Trump, never known for mincing words, did not call for future efforts to exterminate bin Laden or strike against al-Qaida.

So we rate Trump’s hyperbolic statement Mostly False. be continue
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